It all started a while ago...

"I have always been fascinated by the underwater world and the sea, it comes from my father, his books and magazines from Jacques Cousteau to National Geographic documentaries captivated my imagination as a kid. I started scuba when I was 9 and freediving little after that. Years went by and at some point in 2001 I gathered a group of enthusiasts like me to start practicing deep diving under the name of DELPHINUS...yes, the Dolphin, always an inspiration to me til this day."

Carlos Correa


Homo Delphinus

It was legendary freediver Jacques Mayol who first told the world about this philosophy, and how we can connect with the underwater world and with these creatures in particular in ways we couldn't even imagine..we definitely believe that, it's our motivation and inspiration here in DELPHINUS...And then of course we had the cult movie "The Big Blue" back in the 80's, that was influencial too. 

70% Mind 30% Body

To be determined, breathe, observe around you and inside of you, to become awared and build positive sensations...all in one breath hold. If you can acomplish this then there's no knowing how far you can go, and you will be always able to redefine your own limits. Become one with the sea, and follow your inner ocean