Founder of Delphinus, Cressi athlete and ambassador. Freediving instructor and national record holder from 2013 to 2016. Born in Tumaco, pacific coast of Colombia and raised in Santa Marta, Caribbean Colombia, started SCUBA at the age of 9 and then a little after would meet Spearfishing and therefore Freediving thanks to his Father. In 2001 he decides to focus in learning and spreading Freediving knowledge in Caribbean Colombia by founding DELPHINUS FREEDIVING CLUB, a little after that he would organize competitions in order to promote the sport in Colombia. In 2011 Carlos travels to USA in order to become an international Freediving instructor and meet the best standards that are required for the sport which is why he trained and became certified with former world champion Martin Stepanek. Later on he would become certified by CMAS in Colombia thru FEDECAS (Colombian Federation of Underwater Activities). Between 2013 til today  Carlos has attended the AIDA CARIBBEAN CUP FREEDIVING COMPETITION as well as the AIDA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Roatan, Honduras where he shares with some of the best Freediving athletes of the world. Carlos has set  national records in this competition every year. Carlos is also the fist colombian athlete and one of the few in the world to represent the well known diving company CRESSI as an athlete and ambassador. Today he travels and organizes courses, conferences and initiatives in order to promote Freediving as a sport, a lifestyle and even a tool for environmental protection. 


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